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Hey! I'm Mitch, The Detail Geek and on my channel I provide you with all kinds of detailing entertainment and purely satisfying videos! If you want to see some insane transformations of dirty vehicles, nasty carpets, or learn a thing or two about detailing along the way, then you've come to the right place!


  • jcabale17
    jcabale175 timer siden

    This was extremely satisfying

  • iTsBlue
    iTsBlue5 timer siden

    I had one of these mine was black really nice car

  • hondaveetc82
    hondaveetc825 timer siden

    I’m surprised you can somewhat drive manual

  • thatone guy1965
    thatone guy19655 timer siden

    9:11 massive give away that it is actually mitch LOL

  • John Stephens
    John Stephens5 timer siden

    What do you guys think he charges his clients?

  • Zack
    Zack5 timer siden

    God I love the E92 M3’s. Awesome video, I love seeing some change ups over the usual disgusting mini vans haha. Keep it up

  • GnarDope__ Radington
    GnarDope__ Radington5 timer siden

    Man, next time I find myself up in Canada, you gotta let me buy you a beer. Or a donut?Let me buy you whatever the Canadian custom calls for 🤙🏼😂😂 So bummed man, I FINALLY had a day to myself, completely clear calendar for today and tomorrow, and I woke up to a thunderstorm so brutal I thought my house was gonna cave in, and a flash flood warning until tomorrow at 11:45pm followed by non stop showers with a full weekend long wind advisory 😂😂😂 earth was like “HA! Detail your OWN car!? NOPE! Fuck you loser!” As for the video, banger as always my dude 🙏🏼 that BMW is GOOOOORGEOUS

  • Bambi Nicole Kersey
    Bambi Nicole Kersey5 timer siden

    My dream car,! but I’d leave the original color 😍😍😍

  • Camaro Historian
    Camaro Historian5 timer siden

    "As we head into Winter here in Canada"....Theres already snow on the ground outside! Is that just Winter 0.5? Winter 1.0 still on the way LOL.

  • Francisco Gonzalez
    Francisco Gonzalez5 timer siden

    Puma sock!!!!

  • Amanda Snelgrove
    Amanda Snelgrove5 timer siden

    What does he spray on the carpet before shampooing?

  • Zachary Teow
    Zachary Teow5 timer siden


  • Romane Noel
    Romane Noel5 timer siden

    Hey man i was wondrering what got you into detailing cars ?

  • Pirre93
    Pirre935 timer siden

    Probably wont see this but some AP-cleaner with a Magic eraser on a shiny (greasy) steeringwheel is something u must get 👌✨ makes it look brandnew again 😎

  • Jennifer Manian
    Jennifer Manian5 timer siden

    I hope you charged this client a fortune and told her to come back more often. Also to see a therapist.

  • jeremy o'shea
    jeremy o'shea5 timer siden

    I really dig how your frugal with your finances! You could have bought a high dollar exacter, but instead you use a bissell that works just as well. I bought the same one off the link you have listed, very impressive.. thanks for all you do, and your time you put into your channel, full time ++.

  • Petemitchel34
    Petemitchel345 timer siden

    Super travail félicitations je m abonne 👍🇫🇷😷

  • tori
    tori5 timer siden

    Timestamps for anyone who may be interested: 0:00 - 1:23 into/opening shots 1:23 - 5:09 prewash rinse 5:09 - 5:57 cleaning tire 5:57 - 8:59 cleaning car w/ foam cannon 8:59 - 9:40 drying car w/ Mike 9:40 - 11:00 cleaning engine bay 11:00 - 11:35 drying engine bay 11:35 - 12:19 dressing engine bay 12:19 - 12:57 cleaning floor mats 12:57 - 13:31 removing trash and personal items 13:31 - 14:17 vacuuming floor 14:17 - 15:23 vacuuming seats 15:23 - 16:28 vacuuming interior trim 16:28 - 17:17 vacuuming floor pt 2 17:17 - 18:51 extracting carpet 18:51 - 21:12 extracting floor mats 21:12 - 21:20 showing us what he extracted 21:20 - 22:49 cleaning interior trim + steamer 22:49 - 23:22 steaming pedals 23:22 - 24:33 cleaning and conditioning seats 24:33 - 25:13 applying 303 to interior trim 25:13 - 25:56 cleaning windows 25:56 - 26:10 polishing tires 26:10 - 28:32 before/after shots 28:32 - 29:36 outro

  • Brandon Darnes
    Brandon Darnes5 timer siden

    I can’t believe you didn’t cover that top air intake

  • Will M
    Will M5 timer siden

    4K CAD for a wrap? Why not just... get it repainted? You can get a halfway decent paint job for that!

  • D3rby Q
    D3rby Q5 timer siden

    Jerez black is the name of the color

  • O C
    O C5 timer siden

    Finally, my weekly dose of detailing is here! :D

  • knocks
    knocks5 timer siden

    What pump foamer do you use? I'm looking for one to use on the engine bay and for carpet cleaning.

  • Raffx ツ
    Raffx ツ5 timer siden

    how the guy lets the car reach this state

  • Grant
    Grant5 timer siden

    Whoever wrapped that car did a really good job, it looks incredible.

  • Ryann Blake
    Ryann Blake5 timer siden

    Amazing as always. ❤😍

  • Vikram B
    Vikram B5 timer siden

    Great job done 👍 brother... You are gem at it.

  • Hazwani Izati
    Hazwani Izati5 timer siden

    You look sleepy

  • Caleb Senn
    Caleb Senn5 timer siden

    4:45 flat underbody panelling is also used on sport cars to promote better aerodynamics and prevent positive pressure zones from being created underneath the car. This helps prevent lift, which at high speeds it could cause losses of traction at the wheels and if it were ever extreme enough, the vehicle taking flight.

  • Phyllis Gamino
    Phyllis Gamino5 timer siden

    Please show how you clean seatbelts.

  • Knight of St John
    Knight of St John5 timer siden

    Can't get enough of these videos!! Keep up the great work!!!

  • cell pat
    cell pat5 timer siden

    0:40 - 3 pedals = true manual M3 coupe. I'm not crazy about the dark rims or even the wrap, but love the true manual trans. This is a rare car.

  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill5 timer siden

    Probably the cleanest (before you clean it) car that made your detailing easier

  • Jake
    Jake5 timer siden

    I'm glad i owned one, the maintenance costs are absolutely horrific.

  • Randy Johnson
    Randy Johnson5 timer siden

    Good stuff👍🏾👍🏾.

  • Mike Edwards
    Mike Edwards5 timer siden

    Great work! Would love for you to dial in my M5! Can you fly to Southern California and make it happen? 😉 😂

  • Max
    Max5 timer siden

    you should rename your 2nd channel worksmartnorhard would be a nice name

  • AK27M
    AK27M5 timer siden

    why don't you clean the engine bay of every cars?

  • MadGT
    MadGT5 timer siden

    Diese Kommentarsektion ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

  • 506_Dust
    506_Dust5 timer siden

    Still rocking the women's yoga pants eh

  • Kainan Vitor
    Kainan Vitor5 timer siden

    Nice job man!! Hello from Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Melinda Varga
    Melinda Varga5 timer siden

    Beauty 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Holden Tudiks
    Holden Tudiks5 timer siden

    Finally luxury cars 🚗

  • Kevin Baskaran
    Kevin Baskaran5 timer siden

    HOLD UP dose he really have a twin?

  • RASHED Kahled
    RASHED Kahled5 timer siden

    Nicely done dude but I was waiting for the owner reaction anyway good job nicely done again

  • Elias Gonzales
    Elias Gonzales5 timer siden

    Been waiting for you to do a bmw for a while now

  • Andrew Wallace
    Andrew Wallace5 timer siden

    4:37 That's part of why they do it. The other thing is it acts as a protective barrier to all the parts under the car. That means that the engine bay is somewhat more isolated from the outside than other cars would be, which is an upside. The downside is that it makes accessing the bottom of the engine and absolute PITA.

  • giacomovds
    giacomovds5 timer siden

    Unfortunately I live in the netherlands 🇳🇱 I can't bring a car all the way to you to clean up but I love your hard work and the results are amazing P.s I have a question what car does your brother have i'am curious

    PRINCE JOHN6 timer siden

    9:10 It's been a long time 😁

  • Madelyn Fernandez
    Madelyn Fernandez6 timer siden

    finally a BMW

  • Pete Friesen
    Pete Friesen6 timer siden

    Am I the only one who doesn’t follow his logic on cleaning the engine after he has already washed and dried the exterior? I love his videos by the way.

  • Eschelonistic
    Eschelonistic6 timer siden

    The car looks great then @27:10 you missed more than a spot...

  • Ulises Escobar
    Ulises Escobar6 timer siden

    You did it again, vid is amazing and the car came out great as always . Cant wait for your line products to come out because I am certainly going to get them.🥳🥳

  • Caoimhe Ní Mhuireadhaigh
    Caoimhe Ní Mhuireadhaigh6 timer siden

    Potentially ignorant question here; would a ceramic coating make the vinyl hardier, or are they incompatible?

  • TheFiremonkeyman
    TheFiremonkeyman6 timer siden

    what nozzle do you use on the wheels? I blasted a stick-on wheel weight off and I'm not sure if the WW was just not stuck on well or if I was using too aggressive a nozzle.

  • Ali Ibraimi
    Ali Ibraimi6 timer siden

    If u skip There is no point

  • Largemouth Bass Studios
    Largemouth Bass Studios6 timer siden

    That car is so sexy now

  • Ray M
    Ray M6 timer siden

    If you can live like this you should not be allowed to reproduce and should be quarantined from the rest of the human population. This is child endangerment and you're below a filthy pig

  • Erin Robinson
    Erin Robinson6 timer siden

    Three pedals 🤤

  • Marcelo Alves
    Marcelo Alves6 timer siden

    Hello men i am Brazil, i like is video very satisfatory 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • zohanrock
    zohanrock6 timer siden

    the cleanest dirty water i've seen on this channel.

  • Dan H
    Dan H6 timer siden

    Spotted the Jared Polin sticker on the case

  • 01denese
    01denese6 timer siden

    Hairspray works good on ink stains.

  • rrazo
    rrazo6 timer siden

    MIKEEEEEEE finally you've come back

  • Daniel
    Daniel6 timer siden

    Want to make a suggestion. The silver rod from the pressure washer you can wrap it with shrinktube so it won't make any metal to metal contact anymore. This one was free ;)

  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek6 timer siden

    It doesn’t as I’m very careful 👍🏻

  • Gaming With Aiden
    Gaming With Aiden6 timer siden

    If that BMW was new then I'd buy it if I had a job lol

  • Clan GNK
    Clan GNK6 timer siden

    I hope you protexted the computer before you disconnected the battery?? O.o

  • Killer Sleeve Gaming
    Killer Sleeve Gaming6 timer siden

    Come detail my Nissan GT-R!

  • Ominous Cipher
    Ominous Cipher6 timer siden

    What is up with all these cars having those McDonald’s monopoly stickers in it

  • lightning lightning lightning
    lightning lightning lightning6 timer siden

    Next up stradmans Bugatti lol love your videos! Keep up the great work!

  • belhadj ali Bady
    belhadj ali Bady6 timer siden

    finally a german car !!!!

  • Johnan Pizarro
    Johnan Pizarro6 timer siden

    That’s not ice cream all I’m saying 😂

  • Slightly Less Fat
    Slightly Less Fat6 timer siden

    Did you give this car an award for least dirty car you have had in your detail shop?

  • Joshua Arthur
    Joshua Arthur6 timer siden

    Wow! That car is gorgeous!

  • heart.still.beating
    heart.still.beating6 timer siden

    this looks like my dad’s truck on the worst days, I always want to deep clean it to make it look nice for him

  • kamren Miller
    kamren Miller6 timer siden

    How did you start out detailing cars cause I’m wanting to do it

  • heart.still.beating
    heart.still.beating6 timer siden

    these videos make me want to deep clean my car

  • Elias Angel
    Elias Angel6 timer siden

    How did you get your gun bent a little?

  • Dillan Mistry
    Dillan Mistry6 timer siden

    Thats really interesting, how would you remove swirl marks