Cleaning My SUPER MUDDY Ford Raptor! | Full Exterior Detail of a Filthy Muddy Truck!


I took my Raptor out to play in the mud and I brought my cameras along so you'll get to see all the muddy action, and like all dirty things, it needs to be cleaned so enjoy my relaxing and satisfying process to transform this Raptor back to a BEAST!
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Detail Brushes:
Boar’s Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Undercarriage Washer -
Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
6” Dual Action Polisher -
5” Backing Plate -
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek2 måneder siden

    There’s really nothing better than having a freshly detailed truck! Loving how good the Raptor looks! 😍 If Mike steals my truck to go mudding again, he’s gonna be on garage clean up duty for a month! 🤣

  • MERICA #1

    MERICA #1

    11 dager siden

    This truck needs paint protection from the factory

  • Linda DeVaney

    Linda DeVaney

    15 dager siden

    You fuuny

  • FIZZY Attackera

    FIZZY Attackera

    17 dager siden

    Do you know wich coulor code that is cause i absulutley love the paint🥰

  • JamNiel DC

    JamNiel DC

    18 dager siden

    The Detail Geek you!

  • ツαlє


    22 dager siden

    Porque no sacas la rueda para limpiar del otro lado de la llanta? Mi papá siempre lo hace

  • Sheikh Wali Hussain
    Sheikh Wali Hussain22 timer siden

    Love from Pakistan

  • Matthew Meyering
    Matthew MeyeringDag siden

    Is that hot pepper red?

  • Alicia DuPuy
    Alicia DuPuyDag siden

    No woman in your life will compete with that truck...

  • Bonnie Levesque
    Bonnie LevesqueDag siden

    17:14 his arm matches up with the beats lol

  • Haunted Gallows
    Haunted Gallows2 dager siden

    I'd like to see the owner's reaction on this one lol

  • Naveed Akhtar
    Naveed Akhtar2 dager siden

    Problem just made it muddy for content 😂

  • Ral ph
    Ral ph2 dager siden

    Imagine i own one of these beast in the future that would be great 😍 Actually this is my dream car 😍🤩 Soo gorgeous ❤️

  • Music Now
    Music Now3 dager siden

    Amazing work, thank you for sharing! Also, What psi is your pressure washer?

  • Aletheia Tackett
    Aletheia Tackett3 dager siden

    That truck is 🔥🔥🔥

  • mark schafer
    mark schafer3 dager siden

    I was going say ohio mud is stickier until you mentioned the ceramic coating, definitely going to have to do my ZR2 with it before the next mud session, does the specific coating matter for black paint

  • Jim Stewart
    Jim Stewart4 dager siden

    Why do you never open the garage door when detailing car😂?

  • Rocky Hustler
    Rocky Hustler4 dager siden

    Twist: You tried to save yourself from splashing water when he was cleaning the trunk.

  • Aurélien ETIENNE
    Aurélien ETIENNE5 dager siden

    I will probably clean the wheel well next time that i do my car. But the ground will be full of junk because i know for sure it hasn't been done since 2011

  • Samm87
    Samm876 dager siden

    How does he not get his walls and ceiling completely soaked while using the pressure washer??!!! And how does he don’t get soaked either 🤣

  • Seif Abdallah
    Seif Abdallah6 dager siden

    The geek : let me dirt my ford to make a video Us : sure let's watch

  • Mackenzie Burt
    Mackenzie Burt6 dager siden

    How do you ceramic coat a car?

  • Koma7Wolf
    Koma7Wolf7 dager siden

    I'm having the feeling that Mike isn't real. The only thing that I have to confirm my suspicion is that the main guy wears a watch on his left wrist. And Mike doesn't have a watch on his left wrist but has a watch tan......hmmm

  • Nameless Cowboy
    Nameless Cowboy7 dager siden

    Yo idk if you got line-x in Canada but if so take her there and get it undercoated and bedlined. I work at a line-x shop so im a tad biased but in reality weather you use the bed alot stuff can get stuck under the plastic liner and bed and cause corrosion to take place👌

  • Imy
    Imy7 dager siden

    Isn't it funny that he cleans his own car and gets paid for it by his viewers? lol

  • Cody Collinsworth
    Cody Collinsworth7 dager siden

    Takes own truck mudding. Washes it. Makes insane amount of money from NOlocal video.

  • Rick Sehfeld
    Rick Sehfeld7 dager siden

    the wet tires dont look that nice, otherwise nice job

  • Filip Perry
    Filip Perry7 dager siden live in letterkenny?

  • Harsimran Matharoo
    Harsimran Matharoo7 dager siden

    Bro i just want to know the beat starts from 17:10........pls tell

  • منوعات يا غمور
    منوعات يا غمور8 dager siden


  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor9 dager siden

    It's definitely my wife's and my favorite looking truck. Maybe one day we'll get one. Beautiful truck bro!

  • Jason Shadwick
    Jason Shadwick9 dager siden

    Spills something on the carpet at his house. Him pulls out pressure washer

  • Алексей Новиков
    Алексей Новиков9 dager siden

    А в конце, тупой американский юмор....

  • Bl ack
    Bl ack10 dager siden

    Wait he has a car

  • Shane Lawrence
    Shane Lawrence10 dager siden

    How’s that 5mpg tho 😂

  • Jam Sajid
    Jam Sajid10 dager siden

    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰❤❤❤

  • Pierre Cosso
    Pierre Cosso10 dager siden

    Okay! The time has come TDG becomes crazy 😉🤣😂 Is he bored or pervert? I don't know 🤔 Why is he digging his truck in the dirt to clean it after it? He's a workaholic. Yes he is. No. He's a tough guy. Yes he is. No. He's simply the best 👍

  • دحوم الجهني
    دحوم الجهني10 dager siden

    هل من عرب😇

  • دحوم الجهني
    دحوم الجهني10 dager siden

    Bfjngx forvgvjbhgvbh,😅

  • ☠Ennustaja☠
    ☠Ennustaja☠11 dager siden

    Wouldn’t it be better to spray somekind of solvent on the dirt and then wash it with pressurewasher, so the plain water with dirt wont damage the paint?

  • PioneerPauly
    PioneerPauly11 dager siden

    Im binge watching everything.. Its super satisfying!



    4 dager siden

    Same Already watched almost 6 in a single day

  • Majid Zaheer

    Majid Zaheer

    9 dager siden

    Same bro.

  • ControllFreak7
    ControllFreak711 dager siden

    I swear this guy just gets his car muddy just so he can clean it lol 😂

  • MERICA #1
    MERICA #111 dager siden

    WHERES this guys wife he never involves her or his gf

  • classic ambo

    classic ambo

    10 dager siden

    Why would he? He is detailing cars not making a porno...

  • Maddix Roque
    Maddix Roque11 dager siden

    You are a miracle worker I mean like perfect exterior and interior.

  • Duncan Bell
    Duncan Bell12 dager siden

    I saw that raptor thinking it was a Straight Pipes crossover and you'd be detailing Jakub's Raptor lol

  • J. Mendizzle
    J. Mendizzle12 dager siden

    Missed a spot. Naw jk. Nice truck man 👍

  • Chimpkin with 1k subs
    Chimpkin with 1k subs13 dager siden

    This was one of the most satisfying things to watch

  • Julia Mihaj
    Julia Mihaj13 dager siden

    Do all cars have a ceramic coating?

  • Володимир Олександрович

    Володимир Олександрович

    3 timer siden


  • Brandy Archer
    Brandy Archer13 dager siden

    What’s it take for you to take a girl mudding? I’ll help you clean up

  • Angelina hk
    Angelina hk13 dager siden

    Ugh I would litterally kill for this Truck😩😂

  • Celtic Phoenix
    Celtic Phoenix14 dager siden

    You stuck your head in there to check? Well done on the diligence, but would a mirror on a telescoping handle not work just as well for checking that faster?

  • JD Cheefs
    JD Cheefs14 dager siden

    How do you already have 30k miles on it my car is from 2012 and it only has 60k

  • Fern
    Fern14 dager siden

    Why didn’t you foam cannon it and let the soap break it down. That’s what you’re supposed to do.

  • Anna Rippy
    Anna Rippy14 dager siden

    His truck isnt even that muddy

  • Dhruv Singh

    Dhruv Singh

    8 dager siden

    yes it is

  • Waqas Ahmad
    Waqas Ahmad14 dager siden

    You ✅ great job and please don’t take back to mud (from 🇵🇰)

  • Donald Swink
    Donald Swink14 dager siden

    I’m a Dodge Ram guy but your Raptor is absolutely beautiful. Such gorgeous truck.

  • foreman d
    foreman d14 dager siden

    That is just NUCKING FUTS. lol

  • Leo Dixon
    Leo Dixon14 dager siden

    That’s my dads car after 1 day of work

  • Mordechai
    Mordechai15 dager siden

    More time on the under carriage than usual 🤨😔😣😢😡

  • Linda DeVaney
    Linda DeVaney15 dager siden

    I do be liking the pants tho

  • Brownn Sugar
    Brownn Sugar15 dager siden


  • Ernesto Velasquez
    Ernesto Velasquez15 dager siden

    Do your windshield its break?

  • Mikayla Palmer
    Mikayla Palmer16 dager siden

    This just makes me want a Raptor even more ❤ I have had my eye on them for awhile now - they do not dissapoint 😍

  • Starlord
    Starlord16 dager siden

    How much water have you wasted just so you could make this video? Don't get me wrong I love car detailing vids but when the cars get dirty naturally, very dirty. Otherwise a bucket of water and 2 clothes are enough to clean it if you aren't Filthy lazy.

  • Monica_keto_ life
    Monica_keto_ life17 dager siden

    If you spray wd40 under the wheel Wales prior to off roading it definitely helps with the mud build up. My husband drives a stock car and he gets build up every time and the wd40 definitely does all the difference

  • bigg dogg
    bigg dogg17 dager siden

    Need a whirly bird tip for the power washer

  • aiDrako
    aiDrako17 dager siden

    Ohh what’s that beat tho

  • VanRawr
    VanRawr17 dager siden

    "So I'm gonna get dirty my own truck then I'm gonna wash it"

  • Brooke Koske
    Brooke Koske18 dager siden

    do you care ceramic coat the windows and mirrors too?

  • Dakota McAleer
    Dakota McAleer18 dager siden

    Y’all know he’s gonna get the new bronco

  • Amelia Marie
    Amelia Marie18 dager siden

    Did he just say the car begs him to go get dirty ummmmm ok

  • Yahya Alsabahi
    Yahya Alsabahi18 dager siden

    I’ve only watched a few of your videos so far but man are they satisfying

  • santiago victor
    santiago victor18 dager siden

    how much would a full detail (interior and exterior) cost?

  • Jeffrey Davis
    Jeffrey Davis18 dager siden

    You foamed the hairy Chevy with a blue soap, and your Raptor with a (looks like) red soap. Any particular reason why?

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith19 dager siden

    Canadians and their mud flaps. You can't find a truck within prob 1000 miles from where we are that has mud flaps. Prob because we're stupid.

  • Joel BIelecki
    Joel BIelecki19 dager siden

    Should have taken it to a wash bay to spray the dirt off, Then taken it back home to wash. Would have saved a lot of clean up in your garage!!

  • Matt Groters
    Matt Groters19 dager siden

    Sharp truck. A neighbor of mine had one. We live in the city so it was hilarious. They finally moved to the burbs. This truck belongs in the country.

  • Matt Groters
    Matt Groters19 dager siden

    The the thing that's getting me is that go pro mount on the undercarriage. And nice job making your own video fodder during low points lol. I'm assuming that's what happened though.

  • DevonOnAir
    DevonOnAir19 dager siden

    I had a thought. When you wash off the soapy water, you use the pressure washer. Wouldn't you save a lot of water if you used a regular (non-pressure) for this task? At this stage, it's just soap and water and minor particles, isn't it? So the pressure isn't necessary. Knowing how many cars you wash, you could really cut down your water bill by not using pressure there.

  • Jordan Fyfe
    Jordan Fyfe19 dager siden

    Why am I the only one thinking why is he washing his car inside

  • Dakota Murphy
    Dakota Murphy20 dager siden

    Does anyone else feel like they have dirt under their nails seeing the dry mud?

  • Weird-Creations
    Weird-Creations20 dager siden

    Now only if the Ford guys could get a truck that clean

  • Mak
    Mak20 dager siden

    I am a detailer as well. I have always been under the impression that getting too close to the vehicle with a power washer could be damaging to the paint. Is that ever a concern for you?

  • Lillie moore
    Lillie moore20 dager siden

    I always watch his vid if I want to fall asleep and it always works 😂

  • Dustin Z.
    Dustin Z.20 dager siden

    Mike and Santa Claus have alot in common. Only those that know, know.

  • ShrekTV
    ShrekTV20 dager siden

    Well that's one way to get a video out for the week

  • thunder god
    thunder god20 dager siden

    Mike is your twin

  • Irela Martinez
    Irela Martinez21 dag siden

    Did he really just drive his truck through mud for the video?? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hailey Mattfield
    Hailey Mattfield21 dag siden

    The mud is thicc 🤩

  • Turbos 4Life
    Turbos 4Life21 dag siden

    Why are you pressure washing in a garage instead of outside?

  • That Guy
    That Guy21 dag siden

    Certified Genuine OCD Compliant Channel

  • sweisz tv
    sweisz tv21 dag siden

    Haiii bro, i'm from Malaysia 😎😎

  • Emaad Tahir

    Emaad Tahir

    21 dag siden

    From India

  • Manush Prajwal
    Manush Prajwal21 dag siden

    Dude ur Raptor looks sick

  • Xyston 049
    Xyston 04922 dager siden

    I think cleaning a pick up is not worth it because it looks so much better that dirty

  • ItchySlothBalls
    ItchySlothBalls22 dager siden

    Thats not even that dirty

  • Phillip Wolf
    Phillip Wolf22 dager siden

    dont know if its the aluminum body but you should bedline wheel wells save from rusting

  • Phillip Wolf
    Phillip Wolf22 dager siden

    dont have a car to detail and make a video just get your own truck muddy lol

  • ramsaxena123
    ramsaxena12322 dager siden

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    42ToDo22 dager siden

    Alternate title “I Brag About My Truck for 25 Minutes” XD

    FALLEN KNIGHT22 dager siden

    Absolutely gorgeous truck man and a wonderful detail 😍 👌

  • stepbro jay.
    stepbro jay.22 dager siden

    I like how he dirty his own car to give us content

  • Ronny Rodriguez
    Ronny Rodriguez22 dager siden

    Not for nothing but him cleaning a muddy truck in his garage with the door closed. 🤨

    ISHAKABOOM23 dager siden

    I loved how you recorded the mud bath before. Super cool.



    23 dager siden

    LMAO the end video. Hahaa.

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    JR JayBird23 dager siden

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    I was going to ask about the inside of the rear bumper but I see it has mudflaps