Deep Cleaning a SUPER HAIRY Dog Kennel on Wheels! | Insane Pet Hair Removal and Transformation!


This Chevy Cruze had turned into a dog kennel on wheels and even had moldy food in it, so in this video I'll show you my satisfying process to deep clean and transform it!
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek4 måneder siden

    Now that was a furball!! 🐶 Who thinks that was hairier than the Dart or Ram?? Major props if anyone knows what song I was playing the guitar outro! 🤔

  • immrose


    7 dager siden

    Just did that last night 😂😂

  • jeff4 hardney

    jeff4 hardney

    17 dager siden

    You used the ddk song



    24 dager siden

    57 Nithin Murali it remains a mystery lol

  • Jennifer Marie Walker

    Jennifer Marie Walker

    26 dager siden

    God dawg help that car

  • Adrian Robert

    Adrian Robert

    26 dager siden

    You’re not the only one

  • Varicy Johnson
    Varicy Johnson7 timer siden

    What kind of camera do you use?

  • Devin Ians
    Devin Ians21 time siden

    Wow! You make it look like it was just driven off the DMV, great work!

  • Brendan Toohey
    Brendan TooheyDag siden

    customer comes to pick up the car ... *turns up the canadian* ehhh, oh yaaa, gotcha bud 😂

  • Monique Petersen
    Monique PetersenDag siden

    You re doing a great job, so meticulous and accurate as a German:) I m just curious how much do u charge for a full cleaning, I wouldn t do it for less than 500€:))

  • Gladys Rosario
    Gladys Rosario2 dager siden

    I felt bad watching him take that L on those carpets.

  • LO
    LO2 dager siden

    This is outrageously filthy. Gross. I wonder what their house looks like!!

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith2 dager siden

    This is the kid you want to clean up after a murder. The polic ewould find nothing.

  • Hugo Chariere
    Hugo Chariere2 dager siden

    Super j'adore tait vidéo moi j'ai une grosse voiture inposible a nettoyé tu pourrais le faire même si elle et pas si sale que tu pense c'est un Dacia Logan mcv essence de 2020 de 2 mois mais avec 1 chien et deux enfants elle et très sale même si elle a pas beaucoup de kilomètres elle en n'a 1600 bonc pas assez de tout façon je vais essayer de le faire toi tu seul

  • nosirrahm
    nosirrahm3 dager siden

    Now my dog is wondering why she doesn’t have her own vehicle too.

  • Eric Swanson
    Eric Swanson3 dager siden

    I ain't from Canada, but I am from the buffalo area. Love the moldy timbit. Among my favorite of moldy snack foods

  • Ivy Mara
    Ivy Mara3 dager siden

    Imagine it: The blessed worker: hey, I've noticed u have a dog... What's its name? Owner: a dog? Which dog? 🤮😂

  • Logan Jalabert
    Logan Jalabert3 dager siden

    Y pensar que en este coche a parte de los animales suben personas!!!

  • Chloe Henry
    Chloe Henry3 dager siden

    “Oh wow” “that’s awesome” that’s all he freaking said?

  • anuj tandukar
    anuj tandukar3 dager siden

    Who keeps their car like that

  • Brace face Angie
    Brace face Angie3 dager siden

    when he was getting the coins from the car it seemed like a treasure hunt for him XD

  • Grace Alexandrea
    Grace Alexandrea5 dager siden

    Do you listen to music while cleaning cars?

  • nicksg9
    nicksg95 dager siden

    This can only be possible in America

  • Bri Aronson
    Bri Aronson6 dager siden

    Pet hair is DISGUSTING

  • Shayna Brown
    Shayna Brown6 dager siden

    Normal person: binge watches Netflix me: binge watches car detailing 🥴😂😂🤣

  • David King
    David King6 dager siden

    I know it probably will reduce the future work you get, but suggest to the owner that there are heavy duty seat covers they can get for the back seat...

  • Jodgers
    Jodgers6 dager siden

    Jeez, I’m 14 and I would treat cars better than some of these people

  • Beth McCann
    Beth McCann7 dager siden

    I love how you said dog kisses instead of dog drool or saliva

  • SilverFlame819
    SilverFlame8197 dager siden

    I had to watch this one just to see how much shit you'd talk about me if you were doing my car (dog owner). Haha!

  • Gaming With Aiden
    Gaming With Aiden8 dager siden

    Me: wonders how long it was sense the car has been washed

  • WaterMilk
    WaterMilk8 dager siden


  • Louanna Ford
    Louanna Ford8 dager siden

    Where can i get that hair removal tool he is using?

  • Dot Cassilles

    Dot Cassilles

    6 dager siden

    Look up the top in the description, he puts links up there. I believe its called a Lilly brush

  • Stelio Kontos
    Stelio Kontos9 dager siden

    That car is going to get right back filthy

  • Ghost
    Ghost10 dager siden

    "what a slob" I say, as I lay on my bed in a disaster room that needs deepcleaning

  • zwmqs
    zwmqs10 dager siden

    For us rock and country guys and gals can we get at least one video with a rock or country song in the background?

  • Christina
    Christina11 dager siden

    Damn just looking at the car made me start sneezing!

  • Dot Cassilles

    Dot Cassilles

    6 dager siden

    It made me itchy

  • Massey Forbusiness
    Massey Forbusiness11 dager siden

    Car's only 2 years old!!! WTF?! Dude! 🤢🤮🤕

  • D S
    D S11 dager siden

    Is that a military ribbon that gets flipped over at 18:12? It almost looks like a CAR but the colors aren't quite right.

  • Kang So -Young
    Kang So -Young11 dager siden

    2018 and already this dirty ......

  • Michael G
    Michael G11 dager siden

    Why is it he sometimes pulls the seats and other times not?

  • Hdhdj Zhhhdhd
    Hdhdj Zhhhdhd11 dager siden

    What is the most interesting thing you have ever found in a vehicle? What is the most valuable item you have ever found??

  • dyscea
    dyscea11 dager siden

    Thank GOD those ramen noodles weren’t maggots 😖

  • Abigail Chambers
    Abigail Chambers11 dager siden

    I'm still satisfied 😌

  • Nate
    Nate11 dager siden

    Love the videos but the music is boring & repetitive

  • Abdulbari Gashout
    Abdulbari Gashout12 dager siden

    i can't even imagine the house of the car owner 🤢🤮🤮

  • j lirie
    j lirie12 dager siden

    these videos are like hoarders for cars

  • Cathy Proctor
    Cathy Proctor12 dager siden

    The interior of my car is black. It’s a Buick Encore. I clean the inside every weekend. On the rare occasion I have someone in my car, they comment on the cleanliness. Makes me feel good. Plus, I’m single and no grandkids, or kids. My house stays clean as well.

  • Cathy Proctor

    Cathy Proctor

    12 dager siden

    I had an aunt that said a clean house is a calm house. So I guess I took after her.

  • Nick Jefferson
    Nick Jefferson13 dager siden

    Those are the customers I refer to my "cheap" competitor.

  • 김성태
    김성태14 dager siden

    Park Min Ha 🇺🇸, 🇪🇺

  • Britt F
    Britt F14 dager siden

    You can just tell he's the type of guy that doesn't know just how hot he is. Quiet and nice type. I like it.

  • Britt F
    Britt F14 dager siden

    Yasssss!! I live for the hidden sexy sock shots for us guys in socks fetish freaks lmao also just added that Lilly brush to my cart!

  • janet macklin
    janet macklin14 dager siden

    Man oh man you're good, I don't think I would have touched that car because dog hair freaks me out when it's on furniture or car seats

  • Solar Exesisity
    Solar Exesisity14 dager siden

    How do you let the floor mats dry

  • Aliyzah K
    Aliyzah K14 dager siden

    This guy is ballin he gets money from the client and NOlocal and he has 1mill+ views and subs

  • DashCamEyes
    DashCamEyes14 dager siden

    This is why I love sliver car. They look new after a wash.

  • Jen
    Jen15 dager siden

    I just came upon you channel and I love it. Somehow I watch your videos nightly. You detail cars and I wash aircrafts,...yeah same thing LOL. Keep the videos coming.

    GERSON LOPES15 dager siden

    Isso aí é um carro ou um depósito de lixo ? Só faltou você encontrar RATOS e BARATAS aí dentro, Muito nojento esse carro! 🤮🤮😳😳😆

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones15 dager siden

    Are cars this dirty normal clientele for a car detailer? Judging by the videos you have and the way you talk about it this looks run of the mill dirty which is something beyond me.

  • Anna._.roblox Girl
    Anna._.roblox Girl15 dager siden

    His vidoes make me go to sleep

  • Kita Paints
    Kita Paints15 dager siden

    Nothing like a delicious moldy donut for breakfast

  • Ashlee Chamberlain
    Ashlee Chamberlain16 dager siden

    Makes me sad knowing a kid sits back there with all that nastiness 😒

  • Nicolas Urquhart
    Nicolas Urquhart16 dager siden

    I dont get how you let that happen... is disgusting...

  • OfficialTrapperKvng
    OfficialTrapperKvng16 dager siden

    I can give you a handle for your brush on 10:14 just email me

  • Macie Fisher
    Macie Fisher16 dager siden

    2018. Sad. Some people shouldn't have new cars. They can't even clean it out. The probably don't do maintenance on it either.

  • London King
    London King16 dager siden

    Two oh wow Three awesome One perfect! Says it all Another one

  • Frosty Maty
    Frosty Maty16 dager siden

    10/10 Cleaning.

  • Macarooni Salad
    Macarooni Salad16 dager siden

    I thought he missed a bit but it was a speck on my screen. OBVIOUSLY he didn't miss a bit.

  • Cid
    Cid17 dager siden

    I have two German Shepherds and a Siberian Husky. I take my dogs to parks 3 times a week and my car is no where near this bad 😂

  • Donald Parlett jr
    Donald Parlett jr17 dager siden

    Me, I wouldn't be caught dead on camera seeing how ugly this car was.

  • c l o u d s
    c l o u d s17 dager siden

    am i an 11 yr old girl watching this while i go to sleep? yes. yes i am.

  • Seng Limbs
    Seng Limbs17 dager siden

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  • Rolande Strandquist
    Rolande Strandquist18 dager siden

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  • Rolande Strandquist
    Rolande Strandquist18 dager siden

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  • Rolande Strandquist
    Rolande Strandquist18 dager siden

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    Rolande Strandquist18 dager siden

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  • Ron Wood
    Ron Wood18 dager siden

    Very great work. Where are you located

  • SoundMan1985
    SoundMan198519 dager siden

    That car is scary but am I the only one that noticed the metal coming from the tires?

  • candiecdd


    18 dager siden

    I believe they are studs. Quite common in Canada on winter tires where there’s a lot of snow

  • Vnix
    Vnix19 dager siden

    mah unions!

  • Van Khoa Nguyen
    Van Khoa Nguyen19 dager siden

    I feel sorry for his shoes cuz they get so dirty

  • SherryAnn Mayers
    SherryAnn Mayers19 dager siden

    I want to do this.

  • fuckyou666420
    fuckyou66642019 dager siden

    always a safe guess that the owner of a disgusting car is also a fat slob.

  • Sylvie Carpentier
    Sylvie Carpentier20 dager siden

    Love to watch and the music is conducive to concentrate on the task.

  • DareCare
    DareCare20 dager siden

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is where the coronavirus originated 🦠

  • Jordan Schlansky
    Jordan Schlansky20 dager siden

    How can ppl be so dirty?

  • أزهر الدوسكي
    أزهر الدوسكي20 dager siden


  • Emir Bueno
    Emir Bueno21 dag siden

    How the hell do you do thisb

  • MamaBear2016
    MamaBear201621 dag siden

    I would be so embarrassed if my car was this bad and took it to someone, at least get your trash out and do some spot cleaning before hand. I have 2 small kids one of which is an infant, a 4 year old and a 15 year old and I will get the occasional French fry drop in the back or a drink spill but man I don’t let them sit to get moldy! But I can say I always have straw wrappers in my driver door but that’s as bad as it gets lol

  • marga ret
    marga ret21 dag siden

    idk why but he reminds me so much of matthew sorgie

  • Hannah Joytotheworld
    Hannah Joytotheworld22 dager siden

    PLEASE detail my car. it’s not that dirty but please lmao

  • Danny Filgueiras
    Danny Filgueiras22 dager siden

    You know how dirty you got to be to get mold on French fries!!!! Those things survive for ages

  • antone yenn
    antone yenn22 dager siden

    Time to go clean my 2019 Nissan Altima Midnight edition!!!

  • Rebeca Rodriguez
    Rebeca Rodriguez22 dager siden

    Is the vacuum you use in the description? I couldn’t see it. If not, where can I get your vacuum?

  • Patti Carey
    Patti Carey22 dager siden

    The owner needs to buy one of those seat protectors for the back seat for the dog. I use one for my car and it works great!!!

  • the_fallen
    the_fallen22 dager siden

    This person need one of those dog cover things for your backseat would reduce the amount of hair on the seat by like 90 percent

  • Lisa Muñoz
    Lisa Muñoz23 dager siden

    I feel like this car smelled so bad before.

  • Marissa Cox
    Marissa Cox23 dager siden

    That doggie mush be cute tho 🙂🥳

  • Bold Eagle
    Bold Eagle23 dager siden

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  • Heythereiamjoe!
    Heythereiamjoe!24 dager siden

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    DAQUAN PERSONS24 dager siden

    Canadians have dirty cars looks like

    DAQUAN PERSONS24 dager siden

    If that lady has dog invest in some WEATHER TECH FLOOR MATS

  • eliyababy2010
    eliyababy201024 dager siden

    Wow reading these comments really makes you understand how judgmental people are. Like every aspect of their lives are perfect. No one knows what people are going through. Who cares how it happened. It's great that the owner's getting it cleaned and that this gentleman has a job and getting paid for all his hard work. People mind yo mutha effin bidnesssssss!!! This dude doesn't give you details so you can make fun or talk down about the owner. Geeez!

  • Aleena
    Aleena24 dager siden

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  • steven
    steven24 dager siden

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  • Pelupe Siesta Siesta
    Pelupe Siesta Siesta24 dager siden

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