Deep Cleaning The NASTIEST Vehicle I've Ever Seen! | Insane 18 hour Detailing Transformation!


This van was the DIRTIEST and NASTIEST vehicle I've ever detailed! The transformation it made was epic and the owner reaction is unreal!
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail GeekMåned siden

    Is there anything better than a nasty disaster detail? 🤣 Make sure you check out the Q&A over on the second channel!

  • Adam Wingert

    Adam Wingert

    Dag siden

    My dads truck is like this

  • MEL_0


    Dag siden

    Car before: Straight out the dump. Car after: straight out the factory. Love the care and detail he goes into when he does these cars! Even down to the tiniest detail such as the use of Ultra Poly Detailing Clay! Its sad to think that this beautiful and hard work will be undone in 2 years' time. By the way, how much do you charge to get a full car done like this one, but not a horrific dump?

  • Bdunncommercial


    Dag siden

    I'm hard to impress, but you sir impressed me. Brilliant job.

  • drawitoutlady


    2 dager siden

    @Kiersten Benton How? Did he just not deive the car for months?

  • Al Casey

    Al Casey

    2 dager siden

    THAT CAR WAS BIO HAZARD!!! Great work

  • Jomil4
    Jomil413 minutter siden

    Be honest, how many extra hours was this, i wanna know what it cost them $200 Car, $225 Mid-size SUV, $250 Full-size SUV, Van or Truck Note: Excessively dirty vehicles (dirt/mud/pet hair) will be charged extra at a rate of $50/hour

  • Victoria Perkins

    Victoria Perkins

    10 minutter siden

    Right!! I need to know how much you charged them, because I seriously don't think you got paid enough for the miracle you worked on that van!

  • Vadim
    Vadim14 minutter siden

    Да, это не наши люди которые свои машины как детей моют, беспокоятся. Ну американцам проще бабла заплатить что бы за них делали работу, но все равно так засыраться нужно уметь)))))

  • MANchester UTD
    MANchester UTD17 minutter siden

    For cleaning such filthy cars you should wear *HAZMAT SUIT* 😬

  • MANchester UTD
    MANchester UTD24 minutter siden

    Lools like the owner takes out oil from chips and uses the oil as fuel in the car.. Then throw away the chips in his car

  • Hana
    Hana35 minutter siden

    I saw some monopoly stickers in there....imagine if the million dollar winner was just stuck in this slime soup the whole time.

  • Uroš Vrbaški
    Uroš VrbaškiTime siden

    My room: *nervous sweating*

  • Kristy S
    Kristy S2 timer siden

    This is why my children have never been allowed to eat in my car.

  • Kelci Ray
    Kelci Ray2 timer siden

    How can people let their cars get like this???? Literally once a week I wash my car and clean the inside and vacuum her or it’ll drive me crazy. And once every month or so I do a full detail on her.

  • Kelci Ray
    Kelci Ray2 timer siden

    I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now. Every single Friday I’m watching a new one! You do such a great job. 😍 you are by far the best detailer I have ever watched on NOlocal. If I watch anyone else, I get so annoyed because I don’t feel like they’re doing it right 😂 you do a beyond perfect job!

  • Kelci Ray
    Kelci Ray2 timer siden

    ✨forbidden snacks✨

  • Jayce McBride
    Jayce McBride2 timer siden

    Kia sedona... but the floor mat at 0:52 says infiniti Q50

  • Tearzika悪魔
    Tearzika悪魔3 timer siden

    I rather buy a new car

  • KodiakBearGuy
    KodiakBearGuy4 timer siden

    This minivan from first glance at the inside is horrifying. The first thing that comes to mind to cleanse that van is to wash off the whole inside with a good splash of gasoline and then dry it off with a match. 👍👌💥🤣

  • Kylee Ann
    Kylee Ann4 timer siden

    i love watching these but the music drives me crazzyyyyy

  • Sivaram Vempati
    Sivaram Vempati5 timer siden

    How can anyone get their car this disgusting? And here I am sweating over 3 drops of coffee in my holder 🤯🤯🤯

  • jyvana murray
    jyvana murray5 timer siden

    Most people would probably rather watch a cheerleader do this but here we all are watching a 30 something canadian man scrub down the side of a minivan..... 😂😂😂😏

  • culix does vids
    culix does vids5 timer siden

    If it was me cleaning I'd charge the owner enough to cover my therapy

  • culix does vids
    culix does vids5 timer siden

    The owner is DISGUSTING!!!

  • Jasmine Velasco
    Jasmine Velasco5 timer siden

    I would be so embarrassed to bring that into someone if it was my vehicle- like I wouldn’t even want anyone to see that

  • preston burleson
    preston burleson6 timer siden

    I would imagine there house is even worse

  • preston burleson
    preston burleson6 timer siden

    the smell in that car had to be awful

  • FearAlbatross
    FearAlbatross6 timer siden

    @9:50 like wth how is that even frickin possible, I damn near have a stroke if so much as a straw wrapper or something of that nature is on my floor, I think I’d die if I saw this in person

    SHYLA GRAY-TRAIMANY6 timer siden

    This makes my aunts car look clean

  • LePotatoPotato
    LePotatoPotato6 timer siden

    So- 1. How much water did that take? 2. Those owners must be master procrastinators. Edit: Oh yeah, and I hope nobody ever asked them for a ride-

  • novi yanto
    novi yanto6 timer siden

    The coments are more interesting ,,😂🤣

  • Lexi Blackwell
    Lexi Blackwell6 timer siden

    This is what my aunts car looked like , literally just like this , she had 5 kids thou

  • Cito
    Cito7 timer siden

    How can you even make a car that dirty?

  • Santos Delacruz
    Santos Delacruz7 timer siden

    At 32:05 what song is this?

  • Saiuri D.
    Saiuri D.7 timer siden

    i hate cleaning. i will do one of two things when it comes to cleaning to make sure i don’t spend too much time doing it. i either keep nothing in a certain area or wipe it down multiple times a week so there’s not much to clean, or i’ll put it off until i can’t take it anymore. ***I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE HAD ANYTHING GET AS DIRTY AS THIS.***

  • GladGraph5904 5
    GladGraph5904 57 timer siden

    Funfact: this is almost impossible

  • OhhThatsjazz
    OhhThatsjazz7 timer siden

    now she better set rules for her kids after this cuz he took his time on this😂 be like: nope wait till we get home to eat and if they don’t listen pop them or starve them to death😁

  • Natashia Reid
    Natashia Reid7 timer siden

    I have so many questions 🤦‍♀️

  • Adah BombDon
    Adah BombDon7 timer siden

    The only thing missing are HS yearbooks cause they lived an entire childhood in this bitch.

  • Ken Knerr
    Ken Knerr7 timer siden

    How long do you let the cleaning solution soak before pulling it up?

  • xCook1e
    xCook1e7 timer siden

    Gotta teach your crotch goblins to be disgusting trash slobs early

  • talisha vega
    talisha vega7 timer siden

    me looking at the car: who died in their?

  • talisha vega
    talisha vega7 timer siden

    that was nasty. satisfing of cleanse tho!

  • Pete Kowalsky
    Pete Kowalsky8 timer siden

    OMG looks like a crime scene in there before bruh!

  • Mr. Bongs BurgH
    Mr. Bongs BurgH8 timer siden

    16 to 20 hours what are you charging

  • Kebbo
    Kebbo8 timer siden

    this car is american obviously

  • Kebbo


    8 timer siden

    @maddy likes sloths wat

  • maddy likes sloths

    maddy likes sloths

    8 timer siden

    *Cough cough* xenophobe *cough cough*

  • maddy likes sloths
    maddy likes sloths8 timer siden

    Bro if you could see my face RN, you would think I saw something like a murder. Nope, just the van

  • acoolmix
    acoolmix8 timer siden

    Two things come to mind; 1. How dirty is the owner’s home? 2. Have behind in your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance? I think I know answers to both with your nasty self.

  • EZRhino
    EZRhino8 timer siden

    Imagine what her house looks like.

  • Jæ Woodz
    Jæ Woodz8 timer siden

    “Skittle stuck on the outside”😂😂😂😂😂

  • BinxInsomnia
    BinxInsomnia8 timer siden

    Just watch the transformation instead of judging people’s lives that aren’t your own, great job cleaning that was fantastic

  • Jeff Thomas
    Jeff Thomas8 timer siden

    Why clean the outside first ? what is hard and necessary first,then do what’s fun and easy 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Jeff Thomas
    Jeff Thomas8 timer siden

    Give you further insight of the mind of a person that would buy a Kia in the first place

  • Michael Morse
    Michael Morse8 timer siden

    2018, it took 12 years to get 1/4 that dirty for my family's car.

    FUN TIME8 timer siden

    Part time job of guy is to pick garbage. Later he realized that actually I’m a car cleaners so rest is rust as you’re

  • Hector Aguilar
    Hector Aguilar8 timer siden

    Y’all nasty asf

  • Jan Fonacier
    Jan Fonacier8 timer siden

    You can tell this guy really loves what he does he puts so much effort and love in what he does!

  • William Handy
    William Handy9 timer siden

    This was amazing, but there is no way I can look at your customers with a straight face.

  • Justice Forall
    Justice Forall9 timer siden

    When you have young kids your van will look like this trust me

  • Justice Forall
    Justice Forall9 timer siden

    Try using compressed air inside to blow trash and sand out first then carpet spray to loosen everything

  • Justice Forall
    Justice Forall9 timer siden

    I use to detail for a used carlot so i feel ya vans and doghair cars are the worst but thats a 5hr job

  • Shanghainese
    Shanghainese9 timer siden

    I want to know what area you’re in to see if you can detail my car

  • Eyes Servantez
    Eyes Servantez9 timer siden

    That's exactly how I pictured her for some reason.

  • Paul Faulkner
    Paul Faulkner10 timer siden

    I wonder what their house is like?

  • Sayed Rashid
    Sayed Rashid10 timer siden

    Looks like a family of pigs lived in there

  • TheDradge
    TheDradge10 timer siden

    You literally "wipe the floor" with the competition! Easily the best detailing channel on NOlocal. Awesome job!

  • Linda Armstrong
    Linda Armstrong11 timer siden

    Cant believe they dared to show their faces

  • Linda Armstrong
    Linda Armstrong11 timer siden

    That customer wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't cleaned the windiws

  • Linda Armstrong
    Linda Armstrong11 timer siden

    It must have been a health hazzard, how can someone let a car get in that kind of state. Should be ashamed

  • SKJS Shmikfiktv
    SKJS Shmikfiktv11 timer siden

    I feel bad for the vacuum

  • Squidward
    Squidward11 timer siden

    that is their car, just imagine their house, nonono the kitchen and the toilet 🤢

  • Battle Record81
    Battle Record8111 timer siden

    Where did you get the pressure washer that rolls under the vehicle???

  • myesha bellamy
    myesha bellamy11 timer siden

    Who else saw the panty liner...

  • Inverted
    Inverted11 timer siden

    9:53 is that a whole fucking orange?

  • Gandydancer04 C
    Gandydancer04 C12 timer siden

    Who else is wondering why he did not find a single coin under the seats aka the garbage disposal

  • PlayerOne
    PlayerOne12 timer siden

    How can one willingly go inside a car that looks half bad as this?

  • christina kuhs
    christina kuhs13 timer siden

    Am I the only person that DEADLY started laughing when they began with “there was a skittle on the car.” 😂 😆 😂 what?!

  • Ashyash13 12
    Ashyash13 1213 timer siden

    who else subscribed? just to see him clean when u dont wanna do it and just fall asleep watchin* these?

  • Ricardo Estrada
    Ricardo Estrada13 timer siden

    Hey Mitch I have a question what will you do when you hit 2 million subscribers

  • Joshbono74
    Joshbono7413 timer siden

    Surprised you didn’t steam the flip flops😂

  • Killerrnx2
    Killerrnx214 timer siden

    This detail is sponsored by McDonald's! Bada ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it!

  • carla bluck
    carla bluck14 timer siden

    How just how can people let this happen

  • Aleph Diniz
    Aleph Diniz14 timer siden

    Is the power washer you use a standard one or is special in some way?

  • TheSLUSO
    TheSLUSO14 timer siden

    That was more of a RESTORATION than a detailing! WOW! That was incredible and you have much to be proud of to bring that back to life!! I'm subscribing to both your channels!

  • Erick Ramírez
    Erick Ramírez14 timer siden


  • D R
    D R14 timer siden

    its a single moms car..🤔

  • Nazel
    Nazel14 timer siden


  • Brittanie McCracken
    Brittanie McCracken14 timer siden

    Who lets it get that bad!? 😱

  • Jeff Meyers
    Jeff Meyers15 timer siden

    Do you use a protectant after cleaning like Dupont teflon on fabrics/carpet. Also there is a company called Leathermaster. Their products are phenominal. They have an actual cream conditioner/protectant that actually protects the leather. You have some neat gadgets.

  • Larry Morris
    Larry Morris15 timer siden

    I'm sorry I would have burned it, but nice job

  • blevins frank
    blevins frank15 timer siden

    I knew in my heart that Mom was going to be a ham beast.

  • Mario Montalvo
    Mario Montalvo16 timer siden

    Curious what you charge for a detail of this magnitude.

  • Tariq
    Tariq16 timer siden

    I love how the Kia has Infiniti floor mats

  • Maria Do Carmo
    Maria Do Carmo16 timer siden

    I've known people with cars like this and let me tell ya, their houses are way worst

  • 小艾Eburalik
    小艾Eburalik17 timer siden

    Whao god, the couple =dixtx

  • CorbyCave
    CorbyCave17 timer siden

    as much work as you do with the pressure washer, I am kinda surprised you don't wear rubber boots while working.

  • Volker Merkens
    Volker Merkens17 timer siden

    What a great job to clean this piece of s_it !!! Is there home looks the same ... :-( ???

  • casseyboo89
    casseyboo8917 timer siden

    Those owners are dirty af. Kids wont die from waiting 20-30 mins to eat and drink at the table. Stop letting them eat in the car if they cant clean up after themselves

  • Abc Def
    Abc Def18 timer siden

    The owner of that van has a personality of the type of fools that vote Lillard. They should just go hang themselves.

  • Margesh Valji
    Margesh Valji18 timer siden

    If there is this much dirty staff then what about there house

  • Jcoby Robinson
    Jcoby Robinson18 timer siden

    Idk what attracts me more. His handsome face or his work ethic. Both are immaculate

  • calas mallorca
    calas mallorca19 timer siden

    That people Are disgusting. Imagine how their house must be..........and they have no problem to be on the vídeo😂😂

  • Gerard Zandvliet
    Gerard Zandvliet19 timer siden

    I bet they went straight to McDonalds

  • Madalin Pert
    Madalin Pert19 timer siden

    Kid: Mom (or Dad), I finished the Coke, what should I do with the empty bottle? Mom (or Dad): just throw it down there, will pick it up later. After two years: oh, we didn't see this car so clean since we bought it... I mean.. We didn't clean it, nor did we pick up the Coca-Cola empty bottle later.

  • Madalin Pert
    Madalin Pert20 timer siden

    "hoping you're gonna have a great not, after seeing what's gonna expect me" 😁