EPIC Car Detailing Transformation! | Deep Cleaning a DISASTER Completely Trashed Car!


EPIC Car Detailing Transformation! | Deep Cleaning a DISASTER Completely Trashed Car! This Chevy Cruze was completely trashed in only 2 years, so in this video I'll show you my satisfying process to deep clean this disaster car!
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Tornador - amzn.to/2V8Wg3r
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    Something about these detailing videos I find so therapeutic...really don’t know what it is about them it’s just too good. No detail is left unturned. Keep em coming man!

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    I have the same extractor as you because I have small kids plus a wild and crazy Malamute. Did you modify yours so it drains into a bucket instead of the built - in dirty water bin? Because that bin is terrible for actually draining and never really drains completely and is so hard to get clean to prevent nasty, smelly water from sitting until it's next use. I'd love more details on how you get around such a poor basin design. The machine itself is truly amazing and the best carpet cleaner/extractor I've ever used, except that one feature.

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    You do such remarkable and detailed work to clean and restore a vehicle. I sure hope the owners of these vehicles express some thanks and gratitude. What lifestyles they must lead to get a vehicle this dirty.

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    I have this same car and the cheap carpet struggle is real. I got one of those tacky, reusable lint rollers and I run that all over after I vacuum and it helps get all the little specks that get stuck in there.

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