Super Cleaning a DISASTER Work Truck!! | Super Nasty Car Detailing and INSANE Transformation!


Super Cleaning a DISASTER Work Truck!! | Super Nasty Car Detailing and INSANE Transformation! This disaster work truck was super nasty and had road tar all over the carpet and seats! The extractions are nasty and extremely satisfying in this disaster car detailing insane transformation!
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek2 måneder siden

    Loved getting to transform this truck for the new owner! It’s ready for a “new” life...hopefully one without so much road tar 🤣

  • Country Girl

    Country Girl

    10 dager siden

    You can do my car brother lol 😂

  • Debra


    15 dager siden

    What a good man

  • catliciousoz


    26 dager siden

    So awesome! I must know how you get the seats dry enough to drive out on same /next day? My bissell extractor takes longer than that...

  • Bharathi K

    Bharathi K

    26 dager siden

    Nice work bro

  • william madix

    william madix

    Måned siden

    Looks good surprised he did not want to keep it . How long will it take the seats and carpet to dry?

  • anonymuswere
    anonymuswere11 timer siden

    now this is one I actually needed to see. this is the typical state of a LOT of the used vehicles I ended up with over the years.

  • Christian
    ChristianDag siden

    It's a real shame about that rust on both sides. Aside from that, the truck looks amazing!

  • areasevenpro
    areasevenpro2 dager siden

    I'm a rolling thunder, a pouring rain I'm comin' on like a hurricane My lightning's flashing across the sky You're only young but you're gonna die...

  • Michelle Swiftwolfe
    Michelle Swiftwolfe2 dager siden


  • Neptune's Creations
    Neptune's Creations2 dager siden

    This video gives me hope that the 1997 Dodge Dakota my wife inherited can be cleaned. I was thinking I would have to buy new carpet. And the door panels are as bad as the truck in this video.

  • Natalie Ross
    Natalie Ross3 dager siden

    You have a gift! Your cleaning techniques are thorough and well researched.

  • kourtnie3609
    kourtnie36093 dager siden

    Oh thank goodness this truck is too old for that carpet in the wheel wells nonsense 😓😓😓 I get so frustrated for you on those lol. I about lost my mind at the one where mud was frozen on 😩😩😩

  • Anna Amos
    Anna Amos4 dager siden

    Hats off to the editing of your vids... 👍 on detailing skills...

  • patrice capone
    patrice capone4 dager siden

    Am I the only one who wonders if the (previous) owner neglected the interior this bad, did they also seriously neglect the routine maintenance? Great job as always!!

  • Torn Saeteurn
    Torn Saeteurn6 dager siden


  • Tamra Lee
    Tamra Lee6 dager siden

    Do you ever take the carpet out all the way to clean it? Or is that a huge pain in the butt?

  • Boy Panot
    Boy Panot6 dager siden

    His work ethic is mvp caliber He is like kobe,lebron or jordan in detailing business

  • Uggi Tenitei
    Uggi Tenitei7 dager siden

    the owner will be happy:)

  • Kennedy Brooke
    Kennedy Brooke7 dager siden

    I fell asleep watching this last night and I had a dream that the reveal of the customer was a baby in a stroller and then an old man O.o

  • RIP Juice WRLD RIP X
    RIP Juice WRLD RIP X8 dager siden

    This dude... smh. The most thoughtful youtuber with these angles and commentary. Whenever I see you in my recommendation, I click

  • Contacttwelve Oclock
    Contacttwelve Oclock9 dager siden

    @thedetailgeek you’ve got to show us a Full before/after shot of the interior. We get bits and pieces but a 6 second shot of before and 6 second shot of after, of entire interior, would be phenomenal. Anyway keep up the good work. Some irony for you: I actually used to detail cars for a living - and I was also a camera man in the Middle East. So I spent a good majority of my life detailing cars and filming. 😂

  • Contacttwelve Oclock

    Contacttwelve Oclock

    9 dager siden

    Just not the combination of 😋

  • Heather Campbell
    Heather Campbell11 dager siden

    This is the 2nd time I've seen you say that you will tackle spots later with the steamer. We haven't seen it. I'm just as disappointed this time as I was the 1st time. :(

  • Chris Chapa
    Chris Chapa11 dager siden

    Me, every time: "there's no way that stain is coming out." 45 seconds later: "sonuvabitch, he did it."

  • Xile Rn on GnG clan
    Xile Rn on GnG clan12 dager siden

    I am subbed to the channel , keep up the good work!

  • John Smith
    John Smith13 dager siden

    Thank you for answering the question about your drill.

  • ktgwz
    ktgwz14 dager siden

    I know this comment is really late, but Goodyear should give you a sponsorship for that pro shot of their clean ass tire.

  • Prodo84
    Prodo8415 dager siden

    What pads does he use to polish a vehicle and which to wax it? I just got a DA polisher and want to do mine but want to use the right pads

  • Don Trejo
    Don Trejo16 dager siden

    All the videos I've watched by detail geek had been so satisfying.

  • DirtyRider Gaming
    DirtyRider Gaming16 dager siden

    Why is rust so minimal on canadian cars vs us here in Michigan?!? That same truck would have had no rockers and no wheel wheels with rust being the only thing holding the bed on 😂

  • Oscar Piedra
    Oscar Piedra16 dager siden

    Wao pero que dueño para más asqueroso jajaja. Pero gracias a ellos tenemos trabajo en este hermoso hobby del detailing, felicidades my friend

  • Dave Weber
    Dave Weber17 dager siden

    I bet it’s been asked and answered a million times.. but do you keep the change you find and what do you do with it? I would start a jar and cash it in every year, maybe do a free cleaning for who ever guesses the amount or gets closest.. or maybe merch if they live to far away.

  • Mica UwU
    Mica UwU17 dager siden

    Him: cleaning each bolt one by one Me:On the computer all day

  • MRK AC
    MRK AC17 dager siden

    It is incredible that people are like this and do not have a little cleaning for their cars, excellent video I send you a greeting and all my admiration for leaving the vehicles so clean 👍🏼

  • 김성태
    김성태18 dager siden

    Park Min Ha 🇺🇸, 🇫🇷

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    Emilee Aerison18 dager siden

    Love that truck's exterior color, super unique!

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez19 dager siden

    How much do you charge

  • Kevin Spencer
    Kevin Spencer19 dager siden

    That customer had a Canadian accent that’s the first one I’ve heard on your videos 😂

  • Neocat Harry
    Neocat Harry20 dager siden

    What do you charge for this job?

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    FR FR20 dager siden

    Costco socks you a g

  • Chellenator
    Chellenator20 dager siden

    This is the first time I've seen you show steaming some bolts, which is an aspect I'd never considered! Do you ever have to CLR any parts or attachment points?

  • Haide Alcala
    Haide Alcala21 dag siden

    Love your videos there so satisfying and I love how you clean every little hard to get spots❤️❤️

  • MeanSplinter
    MeanSplinter22 dager siden

    Aren’t you damaging speakers with all that water spraying around or are they waterproof?

  • Marie Libra
    Marie Libra22 dager siden

    WHAT IS THE OUTTRO SONG. ITS AC/DC I KNOW BUT ITS DRIVING ME CRAZYYYYY. I have searched all of iTunes and still Nothing

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    Marie Libra

    22 dager siden

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  • Kar3n
    Kar3n23 dager siden

    I did a super clean in my work truck washed the carpet and cleaned everywhete now i clean it once a week and a most it just gets dusty.

  • jonathan cotterill
    jonathan cotterill24 dager siden

    Now that was a very dirty work truck . Good job

  • Heather Zahniser
    Heather Zahniser24 dager siden

    Do you wash the beds of all trucks? You never show that part if you do.

  • Christina deChamplain
    Christina deChamplain24 dager siden

    I'm so curious to you get these jobs done in 1 day? I know some jobs have taken you 12 hours+

  • german avilan
    german avilan24 dager siden

    It's a great job not that easy task i can see that you really enjoy what you doing in this video on those dirty ones sits get degreaser of ratio 1-5 of warn water leave for five mins will penetrate and broken the dirt for the seat belts pull it up the same but leave on bucket with same solution it helps and you don't have to scrub much also GET the little brush especially for vacuuming on vents, radio.,the hold dash to avoid any scrunches from the nozzle and also to clean the towels that you used put them on methylated spirits it helps to get your towels free of any contamination and clean free of smelling and also from any bateria for the rest you are the champion.

  • lilith strange
    lilith strange25 dager siden

    you really need to use a small brush attatchment on your vac. right tool for the right job.

  • camronbay
    camronbay25 dager siden

    Just came across this. Its nice how they all seem to leave you a snack.

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    chicken butts25 dager siden

    At first I'm all like, 🤢🤢, then I'm like 😍😍

  • PainT.Things-PaintScreen.
    PainT.Things-PaintScreen.25 dager siden

    This guy must have a program on discovery.

  • Dan 2707
    Dan 270725 dager siden

    Soaping down a truck with rust🤷🏻‍♂️👎🏻

  • Butacup Pucatub
    Butacup Pucatub26 dager siden

    This new owner is so happy!!! I hope the previous owner cut some sort of deal to compensate for all the dirt, grit, grot, grime, and rust. Even if the truck is your work horse, it doesn't mean you don't ever think of keeping it clean and tidy.

  • Alec Mcjarison
    Alec Mcjarison26 dager siden

    There are some hot ladies in this comment section

  • Fifa Dillon
    Fifa Dillon26 dager siden

    Curious on why you don’t use a drying aid?

  • Angharad
    Angharad27 dager siden

    Can I just say how much I appreciate that Mitch runs an actual *business* with real paying customers, not an algorithm based youtube side hustle. And also how he is not an "influencer" or even has sponsorships. He the genuine deal, and it's one of the greatest things about his channel. Thanks Detail Geek!

  • Joshua Beanblossom
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    idk how someone could let their car get this dirty

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    sebastianMåned siden

    Do you ever have issues with airbag lights from removing seats?

  • Denisse B
    Denisse BMåned siden

    I really enjoy this kind of content, I love it so much, you did a great job, thanks for sharing👍

  • Beard Bro
    Beard BroMåned siden

    Have you ever used CLR to get some rust off when you're doing your detail work?

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    Ayla humannessMåned siden

    I love watching these before bed. They always help me fall asleep cause it is so calming. Everything is so calm, his voice, the music and the motions. I can't help but love these!!🧡

  • Sasha Lysenko
    Sasha LysenkoMåned siden


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    Bruno 1600Måned siden

    Canadian work ethic at its best. His prices are also extremely reasonable.

  • Cullen Miller
    Cullen MillerMåned siden

    I wish you would have shown the use of the Steamer on the tar on the carpets and seat covers.

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    butterfly of graceMåned siden

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    Lawrence MontgomeryMåned siden

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    Sarana ChamlingMåned siden

    Luv u for what u r doing to help others is the best thing to do n by doing this u r doing it practically

  • Angie Mendez
    Angie MendezMåned siden

    He’s hott

  • Gail Dedrick
    Gail DedrickMåned siden

    I was wondering why you seem to use the crevice tool exclusively. Couldn’t you go faster with a small upholstery tool? Or is it the unevenness of the surface?

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    Connor DannewitzMåned siden

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  • Channabakes
    ChannabakesMåned siden

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  • The Detail Geek

    The Detail Geek

    Måned siden

    Of course I clean the can see that in all the after shots. I just can’t film every part of the vehicle 👍🏻

  • Loni Carr
    Loni CarrMåned siden

    Would an Iron and some paper maybe help to melt that tar off the fabric and carpet? I do realize you wouldn't want to melt either of the two seeing how they are chemically made fabrics, but is that an option ?

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