Total DISASTER Dirtiest Seats Ever Car Detailing! | Nasty Deep Cleaning & EPIC Transformation!


Total DISASTER Dirtiest Seats Ever Car Detailing! | Nasty Deep Cleaning & EPIC Transformation! This car had some of the dirtiest carpets and seats I've ever seen so with it ripped apart, I'll show you my satisfying process to deep clean this Pontiac Pursuit!
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
McCulloch MC1375 Steamer -
Drill Brush -
Lilly Brush -
Detail Brushes:
Boar’s Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Undercarriage Washer -
Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
6” Dual Action Polisher -
5” Backing Plate -
Microfiber Cutting Disc -
Lake Country 5.5” pads -
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
Wheel Brush -
Wheel Well Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Leather Brush -
Detailing Clay -
Foam Cannon -
Black Nitrile Gloves -
Grit Guards -
Dust Mask -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
Polish -
Adams Ceramic Spray -
Carpet Solution -
Folex Spot Remover -
Wheel & Tire Cleaner -
Glass Cleaner -
Quick Detail Spray -
Mirror Glaze Sealant -
CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 -
CarPro Reload -
Car Wash Soap -
CarPro PERL -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
McCulloch MC1375 Steamer -
Lilly Brush -
Undercarriage Washer -
Glass Cleaner -
6” Dual Action Polisher -
Tire Brush -
Wheel Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Detail Brushes:
Boars Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Drill Brush -
Foam Cannon -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek5 måneder siden

    Since I know you guys love teasers, next week’s video is going to be a disaster detail of APOCALYPTIC proportions. Watch for the sneak peeks in the next couple days! 🎸 Name that tune: What song did I play in the outro? 🤔

  • Thien Di Pham

    Thien Di Pham

    25 dager siden

    Extreme - More Than Words

  • Kimber A

    Kimber A

    Måned siden

    Don’t you wish that the detailing only took as long as your time lapse?! 😂

  • Björn Bjbbauer

    Björn Bjbbauer

    2 måneder siden

    Isnt ozone pretty unhealthy ? I Heard you should let it sit with Opened Windows for at least one day. How can you Work inside of the Car directly after it ? Shouldnt you bei pretty unhealthy then?

  • Christine Mata

    Christine Mata

    2 måneder siden

    Thank you!🥰

  • Kolo Rivera

    Kolo Rivera

    4 måneder siden

    ? what do u think of chemical guys detail products

  • Anna Amos
    Anna Amos4 dager siden

    True vehicle color reveal after every detailing...

  • Cody Stone
    Cody Stone4 dager siden

    I’ve never even heard of that model of Pontiac! Really cool!

  • Marsha Atchison
    Marsha Atchison9 dager siden

    Why do you not take the back seat out to clean it and vacuum all the junk that gets lost back there? I'll bet that would be one nasty area!

  • Rebeca Rodriguez
    Rebeca Rodriguez9 dager siden

    What do you use to spray on the soap to the carpets and seats? I know you have the items listed in the description but I can't figure out which one it is or if its on there

  • Melvin Jensen
    Melvin Jensen9 dager siden

    How do you remove bugs from the front of the car that are really stuck on?

  • Sabrina Zimmerman
    Sabrina Zimmerman10 dager siden

    Is no one gonna talk about how this man looks like Tadashi from Big Hero 6?

  • Steve R.
    Steve R.10 dager siden

    Much respect to you to take seats/consoles out to "clean to your standards". No "out of sight/out of mind" here. Your clients KNOW their vehicles are thoroughly done! You're a master!

  • Fred Bach
    Fred Bach11 dager siden

    Nice job on the paint and headlights.

  • Fred Bach
    Fred Bach11 dager siden

    I would do the driver's carpet a third time. Still dies not look clean enough. Commercial carpet cleaners use a powerful degreaser stain-attacking spray first because they work with minimal water. I think you should do that too. Industrially I have found that water is not the right initial approach for grease stains.

  • Fred Bach
    Fred Bach11 dager siden

    On the rear seats it looks to me like the seams need another treatment. They don't look right.

  • Fred Bach
    Fred Bach11 dager siden

    When dealing with greasy seats, water is not your friend, at least not initially. Dry vac really thoroughly, then spray on degreaser and lightly agitate. Then rinse/extract. Then spray and agitate normal cleaning solution and rinse/extract.

  • 김성태
    김성태11 dager siden

    Kim Won Jang 🇹🇭, 🇺🇸

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    Ronnie Moll16 dager siden

    Ohhh I like that white and green drill. I did not see that in your details. What is it?

  • That One Dude
    That One Dude18 dager siden

    Try using a green brush on those pink stains.

  • William Erenhouse
    William Erenhouse20 dager siden

    You basically took those floor mats to a therapist. They were holding on to so much dirt, and then they just let it all out

  • Cole Rinnan
    Cole Rinnan21 dag siden

    The seat were so SATISFYING it’s crazy 😂

  • Sc.ooter_damon Blum
    Sc.ooter_damon Blum21 dag siden

    is your garage setup expensive? when i'm older I really want to be able to wash cars in my garage like that.

  • Gabrielle Correa
    Gabrielle Correa21 dag siden

    How many Calories do you burn detailing? I see you have your Apple Watch on.

  • Efrén Fuentes
    Efrén Fuentes21 dag siden

    hi, I like so much your vides, see you from Mexico, one question, the solution that you use for clean the seats with the brush is the same as the use in the bissell pro? what solution is? thanks

  • Ellen Martin
    Ellen Martin21 dag siden

    What exactly does the ozone treatment do?

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    If you were to clean some cars in the UK, they'd probably vanish, as the dirt and grime are holding them together.

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    You have truly inspired me.

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    Looks like it just come off the showroom floor!

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    Literally love this channel like fr fr so satisfying and great tips on how to keep my car so fresh n so clean 🧼 😂 #TDG🔥

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    Am I the only who thinks that in Florida if this car was detailed here the value would go up 4000

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    God.Is.LoveMåned siden

    What’s an average dry time when detailing carpets and seats?

  • kimby1972
    kimby1972Måned siden

    The body is in really good shape for a ‘06 with winters. I have a ‘04 Buick and my car is rusted on both sides .. runners. That’s Minnesota for you.

  • Chemist Knight
    Chemist KnightMåned siden

    I think you should blast the mats with water before you put the solution on and use the drill brush. Think about it, you do a pre wash rinse on the car before you use the foam right? You wouldn't just blast foam all over a dirty car.

  • The Detail Geek

    The Detail Geek

    Måned siden

    The logic doesn’t apply...that would simply be adding an unnecessary step with zero benefit. You pre-wash paint to remove dirt so you don’t end up rubbing it all over and scratching the paint when you wash. For mats, it doesn’t matter.

  • Peter Rei
    Peter ReiMåned siden

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    Jonah 11BMåned siden

    I've never heard of a Pontiac pursuit, looks like the bastard child of a chevy cobalt and Pontiac G6

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    TatianaMåned siden

    I know your professional at the detailing but I know that bacon soda and vinegar gets a lot of the color out I had to do that couple time from my home carpet and cars.

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    Typically how much do you charge for everything you did to this car?

    ISAAC OWNBYMåned siden

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    Alexis Spencer

    2 måneder siden

    There are usually only 4 bolts holding seats in, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. Move the seat all the way back to get the front bolts out, and then all the way forward to get the back 2. If they are electronic you'll need to disconnect the wiring harness underneath before pulling them all the way out.

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    Have you ever done a 2003 chevy s10? If so, how did you get the seats out. Theres 3 bolts and a star shaped bolt that I CANNOT seem to get to come loose.

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    I really like the last wide pass with the pressure washer on the mats! can you just keep a few more seconds of it in the video

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